Black truffle mushrooms - The culinary world's finest ingredient

Black truffle mushrooms - The culinary world's finest ingredient

Truffles are often compared with beautiful phrases such as "king of mushrooms" or "black diamond" of the culinary world. With a unique flavor, black truffle brings diners a very different experience. Because of its scarcity and difficulty in preserving, truffles are considered one of the finest ingredients in the culinary world.

What is black truffle?

Black truffles, also known as truffles, are cultivated and harvested the most in Italy, France and Spain. However, this is a highly seasonal material that requires a special climate to grow. After harvesting, this mushroom is also very difficult to preserve. If mushrooms are not used for a short time, the value and flavor of the mushrooms will decrease significantly. Therefore, the price of this premium mushroom is always expensive.


Just add a little black truffle, the taste and premium of the dish is also increased many times. With a very unique aroma, black truffle helps to enhance the flavor of the dish, giving diners a wonderful culinary experience.

The special uses of truffle mushrooms for health

Not only has a unique flavor, black truffle brings extremely good health benefits. This is a nutritious food, providing many vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids for the body. Rich in antioxidant and antibacterial compounds, truffles help strengthen the body's natural immune system. It also helps to prevent various diseases and disorders of immunity.


Unique combination with truffles

At Kasen, diners will experience a unique combination of black truffle with famous sushi and sashimi dishes according to A La Carte or in Omakase sets. Fresh seafood is specially formulated to become soft and melt in the mouth, combined with the unique and delicate aroma of truffles, providing diners with a valuable culinary experience. The dish, which is already full of flavor when served with the signature Kasen-style dipping sauce, is now more intense when combined with fresh imported black truffle slices.

Come and experience it right at Kasen:

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