Eat super fresh sushi and sashimi right at home, have you tried?

Eat super fresh sushi and sashimi right at home, have you tried?

Sushi and sashimi are very familiar dishes and are loved by many diners. Thanks to the unique taste and preparation, sushi and sashimi have become famous all over the world. Because of that popularity, diners can easily find delicious and quality Japanese restaurants. However, if one day you change the wind, but are afraid to go out, the delivery boxes at Kasen will be a great choice for you to enjoy super fresh sushi and sashimi right at home.

Standard from Kasen

The dishes at Kasen are always made from high-quality and premium ingredients. All kinds of seafood are imported by air on the same day, ensuring the quality and taste of seafood sashimi is always at the best level.

The delivery of sushi and sashimi before reaching customers will always be carefully prepared in each stage of processing and preservation so that the food, especially the sashimi, always remains as fresh as enjoyed at the restaurant.

Unique and distinctive culinary features

You will be hard pressed to find another place with unique sushi and sashimi dishes like at Kasen. Inheriting the culinary quintessence from master Shinji Murata, the dishes here always have a different way of processing, with a very unique culinary color.

The sushi rice is always warm. The sushi part when eaten will spread the light aroma of fresh seafood, along with the sweetness of rice, creating a harmonious whole.

Rice rolls with crispy seaweed, a simple combination that enhances the natural deliciousness of each ingredient.

Sashimi is processed according to an exclusive recipe, always creating a soft, easy-to-eat feeling. The dish is served with a special dipping sauce, making the dish more flavorful and complete.

Delivery sections at Kasen

For diners to have more choices, the sushi and sashimi for delivery always have portions for 1 and 2 people. In addition, Omakase for home take away is also loved by many diners at Kasen.

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