Omakase – a fascinating experience that brings many surprises

Omakase – a fascinating experience that brings many surprises

Omakase has long been one of the most unique culinary features in the land of the rising sun. Thanks to the love of a large number of diners, many places around the world have developed Omakase, giving diners a fascinating and unexpected experience.

Why is Omakase attractive?

The most unique feature when enjoying Omakase is that diners will not know in advance what they will enjoy. With many years of experience, the chef will manually select and combine the dishes in the most reasonable way. Diners just have to wait for the food to be served in surprise.

Omakase will fit one person to eat. Each set includes many dishes with separate processing styles, helping diners enjoy the full flavor of the dishes but not easily get bored or too much.

The order of serving dishes also plays a very important role when enjoying Omakase. With a proper serving order, diners will feel more clearly the taste of each dish. Each dish exudes a distinct character that is not easily confused.

Omakase and variations

The list of dishes in the Omakase section will not be fixed, but will change depending on the source of ingredients and suggestions from the chef. However, for the perfect Omakase experience, dishes will be served in order from starter, main course and dessert.

The soul in Omakase sets is sushi and sashimi. Depending on the cooking style of the chef, diners will enjoy the dishes in their own unique ways.

Particularly at Kasen, Omakase is not only a dish but also a unique culinary experience. Therefore, Omakase sets are always improved and developed to give diners surprises and interesting. Not only a combination of fresh and seasonal ingredients, premium and scrumptious ingredients such as black truffle, sturgeon roe, bluefin tuna belly, abalone or lobster will also be created. into the Omakase set.

With a very unique culinary style drawn from many years of experience, Kasen will bring you unique Omakase sets that are hard to find anywhere. Carefully from the service style, when coming to enjoy, diners will be introduced in detail about the dish as well as suggested how to use the dish so that it is most delicious and complete.


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