Omakase – Unique Japanese cuisine in Kasen

Omakase – Unique Japanese cuisine in Kasen

For those who love Japanese cuisine, you must have heard or experienced the Omakase style. This is considered as one of the top culinary forms of the country of cherry blossoms and one of the most valuable experiences for diners.

What does omakase mean?

In Japanese, coming from the verb Makasu, Omakase means trust. Usually, when dining at a restaurant or restaurant, the diners decide the menu for that session. However, when enjoying Omakase, diners will completely trust the chef's decision and choice of dishes.

Talking about the origin, this type of cuisine started to appear in the 90s. At that time, people's life also gradually stabilized and people were willing to pay for a meal at a sushi restaurant. But because sushi dishes were still quite new at that time, many diners were confused to choose the right dish. At this time, Omakase style was born to help diners enjoy delicious dishes more easily.

Why is Omakase so attractive?

Bring many surprises

That's right, when enjoying Omakase, diners will never know in advance what they will eat. All diners need to do is watch and wait for the chef to serve up warm, flavorful dishes.

Enjoy the full flavor from expert recommendations

It can be said that each Omakase is like a chef's performance. With extensive professional knowledge and experience, the chef will be the one who knows best what ingredients and combinations will create great flavors.

In an Omakase section, there will be many different dishes from sushi, sashimi, miso soup and a variety of other dishes. The meal will be extremely suitable for each diner, each dish does not create a feeling of boredom or too much but is extremely satisfying, so that diners can fully enjoy the taste of Omakase.

No more hesitation in choosing dishes

It can be said that Omakase style will help diners have great moments with family and friends. Diners will no longer wonder what they will need to choose, but the chef will decide for you. All you need to do is enjoy the culinary space and fully immerse yourself in the flavors of the food.

What's special about Omakase at Kasen?

Vẫn giữ được nét đặc trưng của Omakase truyền thống, Kasen đã phát triển thêm những nét đặc trưng riêng, tạo nên một phong cách Omakase riêng biệt. Sẽ khó có thể tìm thấy được nhà hàng sushi với các món hải sản sống vô cùng mềm mịn, ngọt vị tươi như tại Kasen. Các món ăn sẽ được thêm thắt những công thức mới, được đúc kết từ rất nhiều năm kinh nghiệm của người đầu bếp, mang tới trải nghiệm ẩm thực vô cùng đặc sắc và trọn vẹn.

If you are a foodie, enjoying Omakase will give you a worthwhile experience. Try it and feel it yourself.

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