Sake - a unique feature in Japanese culture

Sake - a unique feature in Japanese culture

Sake is one of the longstanding features of Japanese culture. This is a specialty that any tourist visiting the land of cherry blossoms will want to experience.

History begin

Sake is already extremely famous and is considered the national drink in Japanese culture. With an extremely long history, Sake has been around since the 3rd century. At the time of its appearance, Sake was not for the common people, but mainly for the royal family, or used on the occasion of major religious festivals. Later, it was not until the 12th century that Sake became a drink enjoyed by all classes.

How to produce

The way Sake is made has almost remained the same for hundreds of years. Rice is the main ingredient used to make Sake. People will grind the rice and soak it in clean water. In the Japanese concept, the god of sake is the god of crops. Therefore, this drink is often used in religious ceremonies.


Sake can be served cold or warm depending on the type of wine. Reheated Sake (Atsukan) is usually served in cold weather. For premium Sake or warm weather, Sake will be chilled before enjoying.

When drinking, diners will feel the light sweetness of the wine. If it is a delicious type, you will feel more typical fruit aromas, extremely attractive. Premium Sake will not be too heavy, very easy to drink, can be enjoyed like white wine.

Sake can be combined with many Japanese dishes to help enhance the taste of the dish. Especially when eating sashimi, Sake is recommended to accompany it to create the most harmonious culinary combination.

Kasen serves a variety of premium Sake, imported from Japan with excellent taste and quality. Accompanying Omakase meals will be a wonderful culinary experience.


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