What is Sashimi? How to recognize the right and fresh Sashimi

What is Sashimi? How to recognize the right and fresh Sashimi

Surely food-loving diners are quite familiar with sashimi, a very famous Japanese dish. As one of the valuable culinary experiences, sashimi is loved by many people for its deliciousness and nutrition. If you have not yet enjoyed this dish, let's find out with Kasen how to recognize the right and fresh sashimi.

What is Sashimi?

Sashimi is a raw dish made from fresh seafood ingredients. This is a traditional Japanese dish. In Japanese culture, sashimi symbolizes luck and happiness. Not only having cultural significance, sashimi is also an extremely nutritious dish with high levels of vitamins and minerals. As a raw food, fresh sashimi retains many of the nutrients that are often lost during cooking.


What kind of sashimi is fresh and delicious

1. The color of sashimi

The most recognizable is the color of the sashimi. Salmon sashimi will have a beautiful orange-red color. While bluefin tuna sashimi will range in color from pink to crimson depending on the part of the fish. On fresh sashimi slices, diners can easily see a layer of iridescent fat, extremely eye-catching. The veins on the fish flesh are also bright and above all, the fish does not have any watery phenomenon.

2. The taste of fresh sashimi

When eating, diners will feel the smell of seafood very light and pleasant, without any fishy smell. Such slices of sashimi are sure to bring you a perfect meal. Not only that, fresh fish will have a distinctive sweet taste that is difficult to confuse. You will be completely immersed in the wonderful taste of this fresh and delicious dish.

3. Seafood hunting

Usually, traditional sashimi will keep the fish's poise. That will ensure the freshness of the seafood. This can be a bit difficult for those who are not used to eating raw food because the fibers will be a bit tough, making newcomers a bit afraid. However, at Kasen, the dish will be made according to a different recipe, handed down from master Shinji Murata. Diners will be surprised with the softness and ease of eating sashimi, which is hard to find elsewhere. The meat of the seafood is completely soft, not too tough. The dish is soft and melts in the mouth thanks to the chef's meticulous cutting and processing techniques. Sashimi will always bring the typical sweet taste of fresh seafood, awakening all the senses of the eater.

At Kasen, all kinds of seafood are imported from Japan and shipped the same day to ensure the best freshness. Not only that, seafood will be preserved with the best standards to preserve the taste and value of the dish. Come and experience the freshness of sashimi and special Omakase sets at Kasen.

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