About Us

Kasen Restaurant - Where to experience authentic Omakase cuisine

Located in the  cultural center of the city, Kasen restaurant is a great destination for Japanese food lovers. With the professionalism and dedication of the head chef, Kasen has quickly become one of the most popular Omakase restaurants in the HCMC area.

With a luxurious and stylish space, Kasen gives customers the feeling of being welcomed in a beautiful culinary space in Japan. Besides, customers will experience wonderful dishes prepared with enthusiasm and meticulousness by the head chef.

Kasen specializes in serving the Omakase experience, where customers will be selected by the head chef and prepare the restaurant's best dishes. With great experience and workmanship, Kasen's head chef will customize each dish to suit each customer's taste and preference.

Kasen always updates the freshest and best quality ingredients to ensure customers the best culinary experience. From signature Japanese fish to other scrumptious varieties, from sashimi to sushi, every dish is prepared with love and passion to deliver a great customer experience.

If you are looking for an authentic Japanese dining experience, visit Kasen and experience the wonderful Omakase style this restaurant has to offer.