Sturgeon caviar – a premium ingredient that is always loved

Sturgeon caviar – a premium ingredient that is always loved

As one of the scarce ingredients, caviar is always on the list of the most expensive dishes in the world. However, the attraction of sturgeon eggs is undeniable. This dish is always sought after by gourmets thanks to its unique taste and nutrition.

Why is sturgeon caviar so expensive?

On average, a white sturgeon takes up to 20 years to start laying eggs. Therefore, sturgeon roe is considered one of the rare specialties.

The technique of taking fish eggs is also extremely strict and thorough. Before the eggs are retrieved, a scanner will be used to check the maturity of the eggs. Only fish with qualified eggs will proceed to the next stage. The egg collection step will be carried out very carefully and gently to avoid breaking the eggs.

After being removed, the fish eggs will need to be washed, soaked in salt water and carried out other preliminary processing steps before becoming ingredients for the dish.

The reason why sturgeon caviar is always popular

Sturgeon eggs are so loved because of their great uses for human health. Caviar adds a large amount of nutrients. With an abundant amount of vitamins, caviar is especially good in supporting skin beauty.

Along with that, the high amount of calcium in caviar is especially good for children who are in the developing stage and also for pregnant women. In addition, sturgeon eggs contain a large amount of omega 3, which is very good for eye and heart health.

The taste of sturgeon caviar and how to enjoy it

Sturgeon caviar with sparkling black color, light salty taste and crispy when eaten, becomes one of the most sought-after dishes.

Sturgeon caviar is recommended to be eaten raw, not processed to avoid losing the taste and value of the dish. In addition, this unique dish should be served with cold and low-flavored dishes to avoid losing the inherent unique aroma of eggs.

At Kasen, sturgeon caviar is combined with sashimi dishes, providing an enjoyable dining experience. In addition, premium sturgeon caviar is also combined with bluefin tuna puree, the dish has the sweet and fatty taste of tuna mixed with the mild salty taste of sturgeon. Or more simply, sturgeon caviar will be served with sweet shrimp, enhancing the freshness of both ingredients.

Come and experience the unique combinations of caviar at Kasen.


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