Why is bluefin tuna so popular with diners?

Why is bluefin tuna so popular with diners?

Bluefin tuna has long been known as an extremely famous dish in the land of cherry blossoms. This is one of the most sought-after foods, not only thanks to its high nutritional value but also thanks to its delicious and irresistible taste. As a result, bluefin tuna is extremely popular with diners and becomes one of the most expensive ingredients for sushi and sashimi dishes.

What is Bluefin Tuna?

As the name suggests, bluefin tuna will be easily identifiable through the blue color of its fins. This is a rare and difficult fish to catch, found most often in the waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, and occasionally the Mediterranean. Bluefin tuna is also special in that it is the only fish with marble veins. The texture of fish meat has a dense and uniform interweaving of veins and fat. When prepared properly, the dish will have excellent nutritional value and taste.

Parts of Bluefin Tuna

Each part of the fish carries different values. The most delicious and the most expensive is the Otoro, the part located under the belly and near the gills of the fish. This is the fattest part of the meat, which is loved by diners. Chutoro is the belly of a tuna located at the back of the tail. This part is less fatty, suitable for diners who like harmony. Finally, there is Akami, the part located in the middle of the body of the fish. This area of meat will be more lean and less fatty than Otoro and Chutoro.

In sushi and sashimi dishes, the chef will usually serve all 3 parts so that diners can feel the different and characteristic flavors of each part.

Enjoying Bluefin Tuna at Kasen

One of the most loved premium dishes, the bluefin tuna at Kasen is handpicked from the Japanese market. The freshest fish after purchase will be shipped directly to Vietnam within the same day, ensuring the freshest taste and highest value of the dish. The fish meat is soft and melts, mixed with the natural sweet and fatty taste of the fish, bringing a very special culinary experience.

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